De Gooyer Windmill

De Gooyer Yel Değirmeni Amsterdam
De Gooyer Windmill 2

The De Gooyer Windmill , also known as the Funenmolen , is the most central of the six windmills that have survived within the boundaries of Amsterdam . The structure made in 1725 is the first grain mill in the country where modern wings are used.

The mill, which had a view of the Nieuwmarkt, was once located to the west of the site. As the Orange Nassau barracks in 1814 cut the winds, the windmill was moved in parts to the east of the Funenkade. The octagonal wooden structure was built on the foundations of an old mill, which was previously used to pump water and was demolished in 1812.

The De Gooyer Windmill, purchased by the City Council in 1925, is used as a house with its small windows and straw roof. If you’re lucky, you can see the mill rolling around with its wings wide.

De Gooyer Windmill Visit Information i

  • Address: Funenkade 5, Amsterdam
  • Transport by tram: Hoogte Kadijk (10)

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