Where to stay in Bratislava

Where to stay in Bratislava Where to stay in Bratislava Czech Republic and Austria in the east, Ukraine in the east, Poland in the north and neighboring with Hungary in the south, Bratislava stands out with its borders with Austria and Hungary. The city, which is the capital of Slovakia …

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Bratislava Attractions

On the banks of the Danube River, Bratislava addresses holidaymakers who enjoy cultural excursions in terms of places to visit. Because it is easy to get to from Austria and Hungary, the capital of Slovakia is mostly visited by holidaymakers. However, according to experienced travelers, more time is needed in …

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What to eat in Bratislava Most Famous Local Foods

‘dır. Situated in Central Europe Slovakia’s Bratislava city that attracts most tourists’ dir. Small but quite quaint and with delicious meals, Bratislava is visited by quite a few tourists. Being close to countries like Hungary, Czech Republic is one of the reasons for receiving more visits. What you eat in …

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